Legal services in other areas
Legal services in other areas

Legal services in other areas

The Law Firm of Borislavova and Partners provides a variety of services in many areas of the law.

Corporate and commercial law. Insurance law

Legal services in other areas
  • Subscription legal services
  • registration of companies: drafting all necessary documents related to the initial registration or subsequent changes in circumstances; submitting applications to the Commercial Register electronically; publication of annual financial reports;
  • reorganization and liquidation of companies;
  • commercial transactions and contracts: drafting various commercial contracts, participation in negotiations, consultations on the risks and dangers of certain arrangements;
  • litigation in court in bankruptcy proceedings and commercial disputes;
  • insurance cases;

Property and Contract Law

Legal services in other areas
  • drafting preliminary real estate sales contracts;
  • real estate transactions: consultations and assistance in buying and selling real estate, incl. mortgaged properties; consultations and assistance in the purchase of real estate by obtaining a mortgage loan; thorough examination of the property; drafting transaction documents; representation before notary public; setting up, registering and striking off mortgages;
  • consultations on the interpretation, performance or breach of various contracts under the Obligations and Contracts Act;
  • drafting various types of contracts under the Obligations and Contracts Act;
  • litigation in property claims;
  • litigation in civil cases.

Other Legal Services
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Family and Inheritance Law

  • drafting marriage contracts;
  • court representation in divorce by mutual consent or in a civil action;
  • litigation in child custody cases;
  • litigation in spousal and child support cases;
  • consultations on inheritance cases: acceptance and disclaimer of inheritance; partition of the estate; drafting wills;

Tax Law

  • consultations on tax matters;
  • Appeal of audit acts;
  • Litigation in tax cases;

Administrative Law

  • legal representation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of clients before administrative bodies;
  • appeal of penal rulings;
  • appeal of administrative acts.

Labour Law

  • consultations on labour law issues;
  • drafting employment contracts;
  • litigation in labour disputes;


  • litigation in civil and commercial cases;
  • litigation in administrative cases;
  • writ of execution cases;
  • security for future claims;

Enforcement Proceedings

  • consultations on enforcement cases;
  • legal representation before the enforcement agent;

Motor Vehicle Transactions

Intellectual Property

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Legal services in other areas
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