Legal services in construction
Legal services in construction

Legal services in construction

In the years of practice we have provided legal services and consultations in the field of construction and been actively involved in the construction of many buildings. We have experience in all stages of the construction process: organization of the procedure for a detailed spatial plan, planning future construction projects, providing court representation to solve any disputes.

Our practice includes legal advice and drafting of different types of contracts necessary for the organization and completion of the construction process, such as contracts for design, construction, commissioning, supervision, etc. We represent our clients in negotiating the specific terms and conditions, rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties involved in the construction process. Where necessary, our legal team coordinates with engineers, designers and other experts in order to provide a first-class and effective legal assistance.

Legal services in construction

Law Firm Borislavova and Assocciates has experience also in the registration of builders in the Central Register of Professional Builders with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber: we offer consulting services on the necessity and scope of registration and assistance with the entire registration process and the obtaining of the requisite documents.

Law Firm Borislavova and Associates has gained experience in working with municipal and local authorities: the Directorate for National Construction Control, municipalities across the country, municipal and district agricultural bureaus, the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency, the Property Register under the Registry Agency, etc., for the purpose of obtaining the documents necessary for the successful completion of the entire project.

We keep close track on the latest legislative changes and market practices in our field, and thus are able to provide timely and effective legal advice on all emerging issues, in order to minimize the risks of possible disputes related to performance of obligations.

Law Firm Borislavova and Associates
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Seeking our help and assistance in solving legal issues, before taking any own actions, is always the better option for the client, rather than seeking solution of issues and problems already arisen.

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Legal services in construction
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